AJ65SBTB2-16T Output protection function MITSUBISHI AJ65SBTB2-16T TrAnSistor output module
AnSion board. Both ends of the main base plate of the CPU have an expAnSion interface, and can be used for extending the cable connection. Output type: trAnSistor output, drain type. Output points:
MITSUBISHI QA1S68B Old small A series expAnSion substrate MITSUBISHI QA1S68B
AnSceiver time between the CPU module. Can be used to analyze the data collected by programming tools, In the form of charts and trend charts, the data changes of the bit soft element and the word s
AJ65BTB2-16T TrAnSistor output module MITSUBISHI AJ65BTB2-16T
AnSistor output, drain type. Output points: 16 points. OFF leakage current: 0.1mA. Output protection function: No. Rated load voltage / current: DC12V/DC24V/0.5mA. External connection: 2 wire. T
AY82EP MITSUBISHI AY82EP TrAnSistor output module
AnSistor output, drain type. Output points: 8 points. OFF leakage current: 0 MITSUBISHI AY82EP.1mA. Output protection function. Rated load voltage / current: DC24V/DC24V/0.1A. External connection
AY51-S1 MITSUBISHI AY51-S1 TrAnSistor output module
AnSistor output (type sink). Response time: 2ms. 16 points / a common end. 38 point terminal station AY51-S1. With short circuit protection. With the surge absorber. Each scanning process. Focus
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