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MITSUBISHI Analog output module A0J2-D61S1 [Products]
2 channels. 10/7kpps. Count input signal: DC5/12/24V, 2-5mA. External input: DC5V/DC12V/DC24V. Exter
61S1 At present, there are two kinds of rotor structure, one is the squirrel cage rotor, which is ma
MITSUBISHI Power module A1S61P [Products]
Input: AC100 ~ 120v/200 ~ 240v, Output: 5A DC5V. PLC programming has a wide range of applications, p
61P Rated output: 1.0kw. Rated speed; 3000r/min. Electromagnetic brake: No. Power supply: 200V. Most
MITSUBISHI Power module A1S61PN [Products]
61PN/62PN has Deng generation A1S61P/A1S62P, A1S61PEU/A1S62PEU.
61PN The full closed loop control can be realized by using the position feedback signal from the loa
MITSUBISHI High speed counting module A1SD61 [Products]
61 high speed counting module can receive up to 50KHz of pulse signals, The signal can be counted wh
A1SD61 High speed counting module MITSUBISHI A1SD61 [Supply]
61 A1SD61. Understand the working principle of PLC, have the ability to design, debug and maintain
61 MITSUBISHI PLC initialization procedure. After MITSUBISHI PLC on power, the general need to do so
MITSUBISHI High speed interrupt module A1SI61 [Products]
61 is designed to control the application of mechanical devices that require high speed response tim
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