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MITSUBISHI Fr-a540-0.4K-CH [Price]
Fr-a540-0.4K-CH Mitsubishi Co PLC network inherited the traditional use of the MELSEC network, And m
MITSUBISHI Fr-a540-0.75K-CH [Price]
Fr-a540-0.75K-CH A total of 8 special function modules can be configured for each FX2n main unit. No
MITSUBISHI Fr-a540-1.5K-CH [Price]
Fr-a540-1.5K-CH PLC is the use of " sequential scanning, and constantly circulating " way to work. T
MITSUBISHI Fr-a540-11K-CH [Price]
Fr-a540-11K-CH Therefore, do not need to change the program separately in order to debug, debugging
MITSUBISHI Fr-a540-15K-CH [Price]
Fr-a540-15K-CH Shorten the positioning time, achieve high-speed equipment. 100 scene, there are 100
MITSUBISHI Fr-a540-18.5K-CH [Price]
Fr-a540-18.5K-CH The installation dimensions are in full agreement with FR-E500. Allow side by side
MITSUBISHI Fr-a540-2.2K-CH [Price]
Fr-a540-2.2K-CH High speed operation. Basic instructions: 0.065 s/ instruction. Application instruct
MITSUBISHI Fr-a540-22K-CH [Price]
Fr-a540-22K-CH When installing the module can choose to use the DIN guide rail or screw mounting. Ca
MITSUBISHI Fr-a540-3.7K-CH [Price]
Fr-a540-3.7K-CH Each 1 CPU can control up to 32 axes at the same time. Can control the small capacit
MITSUBISHI Fr-a540-30K-CH [Price]
Fr-a540-30K-CH A1S68TD is a 8 channel thermocouple input module, It can receive almost any type of t
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