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FX3U-128MT/ES-A Power consumption: 65W MITSUBISHI FX3U-128MT/ES-A PLC
128MT/ES-A. Expansion module is more compact, more suitable for small devices! Small body on the collection of many functions. FX5UC can be connected to the expansion module, compact and convenient
HA-FH053 ElectROMagnetic brake: No MITSUBISHI HA-FH053 servo motor
ROMagnetic brake: No. Shaft end specification: Standard (straight axis). Features: low inertia for high speed / acceleration and deceleration operation occasions. IP level: IP67 HA-FH053. Applicat
128MR/ES-A. Positioning control to achieve the 16 axis, the pulse train output or for the J and K type thermocouple or Pt sensor developed the temperature module. A total of 8 special function modul
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