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MITSUBISHI A2ACPU-S1 Hardware Manual A2ACPU-S1 User's Manual

Product model: A2ACPU-S1
Name: PLC
Sort: User's Manual (Hardware)
File language: English
File size: 2.36MB
Ethernet network module 10BASE-T/10BASE5.
Control layer /MELSECNET/10 (H) is the middle layer of the whole network system,
Control network which is convenient and high speed processing data transmission between PLC, CNC and other control equipment.
As MELSEC control network MELSECNET/10,
With its good real-time performance, simple network settings, no procedures of the network data sharing concept,
As well as the redundant circuit and so on, has obtained the very high market appraisal,
The number of devices to reach the highest in japan,
In the world is also one of the few A2ACPU-S1 Hardware Manual A2ACPU-S1 User's Manual A2ACPU-S1
And MELSECNET/H not only inherited the excellent characteristics of MELSECNET/10,
Also makes the network real-time better, more data capacity,
Further adapt to the needs of the market A2ACPU-S1 Hardware Manual A2ACPU-S1 User's Manual. Cable length: 0.45 meters
Extending cable to connect CPU main substrate and extended substrate,
According to the model can provide different cable length,
If you need to connect the AnN type expansion substrate is required,
Selection of A1SC05NB (A1SC07NB) cable. Input points: 32 points.
Voltage: AC100 ~ 120V.
Current: 12mA.
Response time: 25ms A2ACPU-S1 Hardware Manual A2ACPU-S1 User's Manual.
32 points / a common end.
38 point terminal station.
CE certification.
System program memory for storing system program,
Including management procedures, monitoring procedures, as well as the user program to do the compiler to compile the process of interpretation.
Read only memory. Manufacturers use, content can not be changed, power does not disappear.
PLC selection with the development of PLC technology, more and more types of PLC products,
Function is becoming more and more perfect, and its application is more and more extensive.
Different series of different models of PLC has different performance, applicable occasions also have different emphasis,
Price also has a greater difference. Therefore PLC selection,
Under the premise of meeting the control requirements,
Should consider the best performance to price ratio, a reasonable choice of PLC.
Each scanning process. Focus on the input signal sampling. Focus on the output signal to refresh.
Input refresh process. When the input port is closed,
Program in the implementation phase, the input end of a new state, the new state can not be read.
Only when the program is scanned, the new state is read.
A scan cycle is divided into the input sample, the program execution, the output refresh.
The contents of the component image register are changedd with the change of the execution of the program A2ACPU-S1 Hardware Manual A2ACPU-S1 User's Manual.
The length of the scan cycle is determined by the three.
CPU the speed of executing instructions.
Time of instruction.
Instruction count.
Due to thhe adoption of centralized sampling A2ACPU-S1 Hardware Manual A2ACPU-S1 User's Manual.
Centralized output mode.
There exist input / output hysteresis phenomena, i.e., the input / output response delay.
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