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MITSUBISHI AX10 datasheet PDF catalog AX10 PDF datasheet

Product model: AX10
Name: Input module
Sort: PDF datasheet
File language: English
File size: 2.54MB
Series Name: A975GOT.
Size: 10 inches.
Resolution: 600 * 480.
Display device: D-STN monochrome display.
Display color: monochrome (white and black).
Power supply: DC24V.
Memory card: 1M.
Man machine interface is the interface between man and machine in the field of information exchange and function contact or influence,
Information exchange, functional contact or mutual influence, the hard contact and soft touch of a person and machine,
This interface includes not only the direct contact point line side,
It also includes the function of remote information transmission and control AX10 datasheet PDF catalog AX10 PDF datasheet AX10
The man-machine interface is the central link in the man-machine system,
Mainly from the safety engineering branch of the safety ergonomics to study and put forward the basis for the solution,
And over the safety engineering equipment engineering, safety management engineering and safety systems engineering to study the specific solutions and measures to the safety of human computer science and technology AX10 datasheet PDF catalog AX10 PDF datasheet.
It realizes the transformation between the internal form of information and the acceptable form of human being AX10 datasheet PDF catalog AX10 PDF datasheet. Cable length: 6CM.
For functional connectivity (horizontal extension) GOT (D-sub 25 male and) RS422 cable pins: (D-sub 25 female pins:) connection. AC input points: 8 points.
Input voltage and current: 120V ~ 10mA AC100.
Response time: 25ms.
8 point /1 a public side.
26 point terminal station.
Number of stations: 1 stops.
Type remote I/O unit (twisted pair data connection).
Equipment layer / field bus CC-Link device layer is the PLC and other control devices and sensors and drive devices connected to the field network,
Network for the lowest layer of the whole network system.
Using CC-Link field bus connection, the number of wiring is greatly reduced,
Improve the maintainability of the system.
And, not just the amount of data ON/OFF and other switches,
Can also be connected to the ID system, bar code reader, inverter, man-machine interface and other intelligent devices,
From the completion of a variety of data communication, the management of the terminal production information can be realized,
On the centralized management of the state of the machine movement,
Make maintenance work efficiency also greatly improved.
Q series PLC in the use of CC-Link function better,
And easier to use.
Mitsubishi Co PLC network inherited the traditional use of the MELSEC network,
And make it better in terms of performance, function, easy to use etc..
Provides a layer of three layers of clear network, to provide the most suitable network products for a variety of uses.
The information layer /Ethernet (Ethernet) information layer is the highest level of the network system,
Mainly in the PLC, the device controller and production management with PC transmission between production management information, quality management information and the operation of equipment, etc.,
Information layer using the most common Ethernet.
It is not only able to connect the PC system UNIX, windows system, etc.,
And can connect a variety of FA devices.
The Ethernet module has the function oof Internet e-mail receiving and sending,
The user can send and receive the production information conveniently in any place of the world,
Build a remote monitoring management system AX10 datasheet PDF catalog AX10 PDF datasheet.
At the same time, tthe use of the Internet FTP server functions and MELSEC protocol can be very easy to achieve the program upload / download and transfer of information AX10 datasheet PDF catalog AX10 PDF datasheet.
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