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I/O control method: refresh mode or direct mode.
User program storage capacity: 8K step.
I/O points: 256 points.
Memory capacity: bytes 64K.
ANSCPU has been updated to ANSHCPU, and it has the following advantages.
16 bit dedicated microprocessor.
Large capacity battery backup memory RAM AJ71ME81.
Extended I/O control capability.
Dedicated CC-Link instruction.
Caapacity for extended comment storage.
Write speed processing.
ME-NET interface unit.
According to the control requirements of the system, using the appropriate design method to design MITSUBISHI PLC program AJ71ME81.
Procedures to meet the requirements of system control as the main line,
Write one by one to achieve the control function or the sub task of the program,
Gradually improve the functions specified by the system AJ71ME81.
MITSUBISHI PLC initialization procedure. After MITSUBISHI PLC on power, the general need to do some of the initial operation,
In order to start making necessary preparations, to avoid the wrong operation of the system.
The main contents of the initialization program are: to some data area, counter and so on,
Data needed to restore some of the data area,
Set or reset some relays,
For some initial state display, etc MITSUBISHI AJ71ME81.. Input and output points: 1024 points.
Input / output data points: 1024 points.
Program capacity: 14K.
Basic command processing speed (LD command) s:0 MITSUBISHI AJ71ME81.20.
Coaxial data communication line function.
Each scanning process. Focus on the input signal sampling. Focus on the output signal to refresh.
Input refresh process. When the input port is closed,
Program in the implementation phase, the input end of a new state, the new state can not be read MITSUBISHI AJ71ME81.
Only when the program is scanned, the new state is read.
A scan cycle is divided into the input sample, the program execution, the output refresh.
The contents of the component image register are changed with the change of the execution of the program.
The length of the scan cycle is determined by the three.
CPU the speed of executing instructions.
Time of instruction.
Instruction count.
Due to the adoption of centralized sampling.
Centralized output mode.
There exist input / output hysteresis phenomena, i.e., the input / output response delay.
User program storage capacity: it is a measure of how much the user application can store the number of indicators.
Usually in words or K words as units. 16 bit binary number is a word,<
Every 1024 words are 1K words AJ71ME81. PLC to store instructions and data in words.
General logical operation instructions each account for 1 words. Timer / counter,
Shift instruction accounted for 2 words. Data operation instructions for 2~4.
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