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"MITSUBISHI inverter series: FR-A846.
Voltage level: three phase 400V.
Power: 1.5kw.
SLD converter rated current: 5.2A.
Structure and function: IP55 counterpart.
Type: CA.
Substrate coating: have.
Built in DC reactor.
Easy to operate, simple settings.
We have prepared a series of equipment and functions for you to work in any place to meet the life cycle off the product FX2N-48MT-001.
Allegedly, the motor power consumption accounted for about half of the total power generated by manufacturing industry consumption FX2N-48MT-001.
How to achieve energy efficiency in the plant without affecting the productivity.
Less energy consumption and more output FR-A800 series inverter will help you to have both fish and bear''s paw"
Parameters and frequency settings can be modified in the program FX2N-48MT-001.
Inverter control, for example, by the input signal to trigger the operation of the inverter, based on the operation of the inverter
The status of the signal output, as well as the monitor output and so on, can be customized according to the requirements.
The control of each machine can be done separately by the frequency converter, and the control of the dispersion is also carried out MITSUBISHI FX2N-48MT-001.
Through combining with the real-time clock function can realize the automatic operation (in option FR-LU08). "Total points: 14 points.
Input points: 8 points.
Output points: 6 points MITSUBISHI FX2N-48MT-001.
Voltage: AC220V.
Output type: relay.
Outline dimension: 90*75*90.
FX1N series is a very powerful micro PLC,
Can be extended to up to 128 I/O points,
And can increase the special function module or the expansion board.
Communication and data link function options make FX1N in the volume, communication and special function modules and other important applications is very perfect MITSUBISHI FX2N-48MT-001.
Max input / output points: 48 points.
Supply voltage: 100 - 240VAC.
Input points: 24 points.
Output points: 24 points.
Output type: transistor.
Power consumption: 50VA.
Weight (kg):0.85.
Size (WxHxD) mm:182x90x87.
Since the FX2n series have the following features: the maximum range of inclusive of the standard features, program execution faster, the full complement of communication function, suitable for different countries in the world, and the power to meet a large number of special function modules of individual needs,
It can provide maximum flexibility and control capability for your factory automation applications.
Control 16~256 point.
Built in 8K capacity of the RAM memory, the maximum can be extended to 16K.
CPU arithmetic processing speed of 0.08 S/ basic instructions.
On the right side of the FX2N series can be connected to the input and output expansion modules and special function modules.
The basic unit is built in the 2 axis independent maximum 20kHz positioning function (transistor output type) FX2N-48MT-001.
Quick disconnect the terminal block, which adopts excellent maintainability to quickly disconnect the terminal blocks, even if the cable is then replaced by the cable.
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