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HA-FH33 MITSUBISHI servo motor HA-FH33

Motor: HA-SH type.
Power: 2.0kw.
Speed: 3000r/min.
The speed regulating motor can be divided into a constant speed motor, a stepless constant speed motor, a stepless speed changing motor and a stepless speed changing motor,
Can also be divided into electromagnetic induction motor, DC motor, PWM variable frequency motor and switched reluctance motor HA-FH33.
The rotor speed of the inducttion motor is always slightly lower than that of the rotating magnetic field.
The rotor speed of the synchronous motor is not independent of the load size, but is always maintained as a synchronous speed HA-FH33. Motor series: medium inertia, medium power.
Rated output power: 2.0kw.
Rated speed: 2000r/min.
Whether to take the brake: No.
Shaft end: Standard (straight).
Protection level: IP65 (IP67) HA-FH33.
Features: medium inertia from low speed to high speed three modes for selection, suitable for different applications.
Application examples: transmission machinery, robots, X-Y working platform.
High resolution encoder 131072p/rev (17 bit).
The encoder with high resolution ensures excellent performance and stability at low speed MITSUBISHI HA-FH33.
All motor dimensions are the same as before and all are compatible with the wiring.
Type: HA-FH series.
Rated output: 0.3KW.
Rated speed: 3000r/min.
Electromagnetic brake: No.
From the vector control technology of AC servo motor, it has become more and more popular MITSUBISHI HA-FH33.
From the point of view of the real time operating system, it is just a function module that needs to be processed in real time.
Due to the multi function of the controller, intelligent requirements, a large number of signal processing,
Establishment and operation of various mathematical models of adaptive control,
Network communications and other functional modules will be in the real-time operation of the unified scheduling and management of the system to get the correct and reliable operation MITSUBISHI HA-FH33.
Therefore, the next generation of servo drive controller will be a collection of various modern control technology of the crystallization,
Instead of the traditional sense of power amplifier. Motor series: ultra low inertia, small capacity.
Using a serial absolute / incremental encoder.
Rated output power: 0.75kw.
Rated speed: 3000rpm.
With the brake with brake.
Without GB.
Shaft end: straight shaft.
The rotor of the servo motor is a permanent magnet, and the control of the servo amplifier is controlled by the U/V/W three-phase electric electromagnetic field,
The rotor rotates under the action of the magnetic field, and the encoder feedbackk signal of the motor is given to the driver,
According to the feedback value and the target value, the driver is compared,
Adjust the rotor rotation angle HA-FH33.
The accuracy of the servo motor is determined by the resolution of the encoder.
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