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MR-J2S-200CP-S084 Voltage: 3 phase AC200VAC or single phase AC230V MITSUBISHI MR-J2S-200CP-S084 Built in positioning function servo amplifier

Type: general purpose AC servo amplifier MR-E series.
Rated output: 2.0kw.
Interface type: general purpose pulse interface.
KH003 special mark for Super MR-E.
High performance and easy to operate, reduce work load.
Enhanced system cost performance.
High performance, high precision positioning (servo motor encoder resolution: 131072) MR-J2S-200CP-S084.
High responsee.
Suppression of vibration by adaptive vibration suppression control.
Using personal computer and servo setup software to optimize tuning MR-J2S-200CP-S084.
Has 2 types of interfaces:
Position control and speed control with pulse train interface.
The analog input interface is used for speed control and torque control. 1 axis servo amplifier.
MITSUBISHI general AC servo amplifier MELSERVO-J4 series.
Rated output: 0 MR-J2S-200CP-S084.6kw.
Interface: General purpose.
Power supply: three phase AC200V.
Special specification: full closed loop control 4 wire / device end encoder ABZ phase input corresponding support function security unit, support positioning mode.
Servo amplifier supporting universal interface MITSUBISHI MR-J2S-200CP-S084.
Servo amplifier for universal interface.
Speed / torque control of position control and analog voltage command can be carried out by using pulse train command.
Support Max instruction pulse frequency 4 Mpulses/s.
2 low frequency vibration can be suppressed at the same time by supporting the seismic algorithm of 3 inertial equipment MITSUBISHI MR-J2S-200CP-S084.
Configurator2 MR to achieve convenient adjustment.
Effectively restrain the low frequency aftershock effect produced by the front end of the boom or the main body of the device 100Hz.
Can effectively shorten the time to control the stability of the aftershock MITSUBISHI MR-J2S-200CP-S084.
In the XY design of trajectory control, improve the accuracy of arc track.
At the same time, it can effectively control the phenomenon of quadrant protrusion caused by the rotation direction of the servo motor, which is caused by friction and twisting.
"MITSUBISHI general purpose AC servo amplifier MELSERVO-J2-Super series.
Rated output: 2.0kw.
Built in positioning function.
Voltage: 3 phase AC200VAC or single phase AC230V.
Compatible with "MR-J2S- CP-S084" - servo amplifier and interface unit "MR-J2S-TO1" positioning by CC-Link
Simply setting the point table.
AC servo can be used as the driving source of the field network.
Using servo amplifier built-in positioningg function, position data and speed data, you can set the CC-Link MR-J2S-200CP-S084.
Start, stop and display can also be transmitted through the CC-Link.
Serial communication reduces wiring.
AC servo distributed control system can be easily constructed. "
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