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MITSUBISHI HA-SH52B Market price | HA-SH52B Introduction

Country: JAPAN
Name: servo motor
Model: HA-SH52B
Price: 0
Input / output form: relay output.
Output points: 8 points.
DC5V internal consumption current: 75mA.
DC24V internal consumption current: 75mA.
In order to extend the input output of the device.
Also has a built-in power supply products.
The maximum number of points for the input and output is 256.
Expansion module: up to 16 units (in addition to the power expansion module)
The total number of CC-Link, AnyWireASLINK, and Bitty series of remote I/O is 512 points HA-SH52B SI/QSI/H-PCF/ broadband H-PCF optical cable.
Double circuit.
Controller network (control station / common station) / remote I/O network (remote master station).
With external power supply function.
MELSECNET/H network module capable of composing large scale flexible network system.
The MELSECNET/H network system includes the PLC network of the control station and the communication between the stations and the remote I/O network in the remote station remote I/O station.
Optical fiber loop system...... High speed communication of 10Mbps/25Mbps is realized.
The distance between stations, the length of the total cable length, strong anti-interference.
Coaxial bus system...... Using low cost coaxial cable, the network construction cost is lower than that of the optical fiber loop network.
Twisted pair bus system...... Combined with high performance price ratio network module and twisted pair cable,
The construction cost of network system is very low.MITSUBISHI inverter FR-F720 series.
Voltage level: three phase 200V.
Frequency converter capacity: 37KW.
When the ring is opened, the frequency converter is provided with a load of the motor when the motor is operated with a load at a given frequency,
The range of the motor speed in the rated slip ratio (1%~5%) changes.
For the requirements of relatively high precision, even if the load changes are also required to operate at a given speed of the occasion,
Inverter with PG feedback function can be used (selection).
If the given acceleration time is too short, the output frequency of the inverter is far more than the change of the speed (electric angular frequency),
Converter will be due to flow over the current trip, the operation stopped, which is called stall.
HA-SH52B Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=HA-SH52B&select=5

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