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MITSUBISHI A1SD75P1-S3 Market price | A1SD75P1-S3 Introduction

Country: JAPAN
Name: Positioning control module
Model: A1SD75P1-S3
Market price: U.S.$ 1232.2
(The following are the market open price not sales price!)
8 channel.
Input: DC0~20mA.
Output (resolution): 0~4000; -4000~4000; 0~12000; -12000~12000; 0~16000; -16000~16000.
Conversion speed: 80 s/1 channel.
18 point terminal station.The length of the line: 10M.
IP level: IP65.
Bending life: standard.
Electric motor power supply cable for HF-KP/HF-MP series (motor shaft with side extraction). Apply PLC:FX2N (up to 3 units), FX3U (up to 3 units).
Applicable PLC:FX2NC (to FX2NC-CNV-IF, up to 1 units), FX3UC (to FX2NC-CNV-IF or FX3UC-1PS-5V, up to 3 units) A1SD75P1-S3
The rotation angle detecting unit is controlled by the mechanical cam switch,
The rotation angle is detected by using the special detector, and the rotation position control with high precision is realized.
Using the setting unit, it is easy to realize the setting and monitoring of the action resolution.
The detection of rotation angle can be accurate to the high accuracy of 415rpm/0.5 degree or 830rpm/1.0 degree unit.
Built without battery to maintain the EEPROM, the maximum can store 8 kinds of procedures.
The cable that is assembled in the device without the brush can be extended to 100m.
When used alone, the CC-LINK type FX2N-32CCL interface module can be used to connect to the CC-LINK system.
Product composition:
FX2N-1RM: the main body of programmable cam switch (with setting panel).
F2-720RSV: no brush splitter.
FX2N-RS-5CAB: splitter cable (5m).
PLC connecting cable (55mm). MITSUBISHI inverter FR-A720 series.
Voltage level: 3 phase 200V.
Frequency converter capacity: 7.5KW.
Inverter output for the PWM wave, containing more harmonic.
Frequency conversion power sensor through the input voltage and current signals to exchange sampling,
Sampling value through cable, optical fiber and other transmission systems and digital input frequency conversion power analyzer,
The sampling value of the voltage and current is calculated by the digital input frequency conversion power analyzer,
It can obtain the parameters such as voltage effective value, current effective value, fundamental wave voltage, fundamental current, harmonic voltage, harmonic current, active power, fundamental wave power and harmonic power.
A1SD75P1-S3 Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=A1SD75P1-S3&select=5

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