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MITSUBISHI A1SH42 Market price | A1SH42 Introduction

Country: JAPAN
Name: Input / output module
Model: A1SH42
Market price: U.S.$ 698.31
(The following are the market open price not sales price!)
For HF-KP/HF-MP seriesSuperior high efficiency IPM motor.
Output power: 45kw.
Rated speed: 1500r/min.
Voltage level: 200V.
IPM motor MM-EFS series can not be used to run the power frequency power.
The total wiring length of the IPM motor shall not exceed 100m.
1 inverters can not connect multiple IPM motors at the same time. Convert connectors to e-CON.A series of high performance models that are widely used in network or single machine work environments A1SH42
Screen size: 10.4 inches.
Display color: 256 color or more color.
Mounting type: panel mounting type.
Resolution: VGA (640 x 480).
Display device: TFT color (high brightness, wide viewing angle).
Host frame color: black.
Power type: AC100~240V.
Communication interface: with built-in RS-422.
Ideal model for high performance in a network or independent operation environment.
User storage capacity: 9MB (GT15__-VNB_:5MB).
Device USB port.
Standard RS-232 interface.
Support video /RGB unit.
If the capacitive touch screen is in the middle of the operation, the display resolution or display mode of the touch screen is changed again,
Or the refresh rate of the touch screen controller is adjusted by itself, and the cursor and the touch point can not be felt when the cursor is not corresponding to the touch point,
Must be re calibrated to the touch screen system.
In order to ensure the normal operation of the touch screen system, in addition to ensure the proper installation of the system software,
Must also remember that in a host do not install two or more than two kinds of touch screen driver,
This will cause the system to run in conflict, so that the touch screen system can not be used properly. Max input / output points: 14 points.
Supply voltage: 100 - 240VAC.
Input points: 8 points.
Output points: 6 points.
Output type: relay.
Power consumption (W): 32.
Weight (kg):0.4.
Size (WxHxD) mm:90x90x75.
Rich functionality.
FX series of products are rich in variety, users can be based on cost or application,
Choose the most suitable product. Will find a suitable model for the user site.
Terminal row type standard machine with extended input output
Can also be less of a system with analog or communication, etc..
CPU, power supply, input and output integration.
Display module or function expansion board can be less installed.
In addition, you can also reduce the input output or special module.
Built in 8000 step EPROM memory.
No battery. Maintenance free.
Overseas oriented products meet all kinds of international standards.
A1SH42 Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=A1SH42&select=5

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