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MITSUBISHI A6TBY54-E Market price | A6TBY54-E Introduction

Country: JAPAN
Name: Connector / terminal conversion module
Model: A6TBY54-E
Market price: U.S.$ 127.12
(The following are the market open price not sales price!)
Protective film for 12.1 inch screen.
Transparent, 5.
Applicable model: GT16. Applicable motor capacity: 2.2KW.
Rated current: 1.2A.
Power supply voltage: three phase 400V.
Frequency converter and GOT supporting the use, to achieve a higher price.
SIMPLE GOT series can be directly connected to the IS70 series inverter.
GOT can be directly connected with the inverter. After connecting the two, the communication parameters can be automatically set A6TBY54-E
In addition, the software can display the soft component of the control function in the GOT, even when the multi frequency converter is connected,
Can also be unified management with 1 GOT.
Through the GOT screen to create software to import the picture data after the GOT,
Only use RS-422 connection GOT and frequency converter,
Can change the inverter speed / direction, monitoring the output frequency / output current and set a variety of parameters. Must be used when using both a computer and an analog monitor output.Motor series: low inertia, medium power.
Rated output power: 15.0kw.
Rated speed: 2000r/min.
Whether to bring the brakes: with.
Shaft end: Standard (straight).
Voltage: 400V type.
Protection level: IP65 (IP67).
Features: low inertia from low speed to high speed, three modes can be selected, suitable for different application range. As a standard port, 30KW or greater power is suitable for flange (type) installation and support foot mounting.
Application example: injection molding machine, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, large conveyor machinery.
High resolution encoder 131072p/rev (17 bit).
The encoder with high resolution ensures excellent performance and stability at low speed.
All motor dimensions are the same as before and all are compatible with the wiring. 5 slots.
Can be installed in the power supply unit for A series units installed QnA/.
When the programmer input programinto the user program memory,
Then CPU according to the function of the system (the system program memory to explain the compiler),
Translate the user program into PLC internally recognized by the user to compile the program.
Relay output interface circuit of PLC
Working process: when the internal circuit output digital signal 1,
There is a current flowing through, the relay coil has a current, and then the normally open contact is closed,
Provide load current and voltage.
When the internal circuit outputs a digital signal 0, there is no current flowing through it,
The relay coil does not have a current, and the normally open contact is broken off,
A current or voltage that is disconnected from the load.
It is through the output interface circuit to the internal digital circuit into a signal to make the load action or not action.
I/O points is an important indicator of PLC.
Reasonable selection of I/O points can not only satisfy the control requirements of the system,
And the total investment of the system is the lowest.
The input and output points and types of PLC should be determined according to the analog quantity and switch quantity of the controlled object,
Generally an input / output element to take up an input / output point.
Taking into account the future adjustment and expansion,
In general should be estimated on the total number of points plus the amount of spare 20%~30%.
The following describes the centralized control system I/O points of the estimate.
A6TBY54-E Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=A6TBY54-E&select=5

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