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MITSUBISHI FR-A7NR Market price | FR-A7NR Introduction

Country: JAPAN
Name: 3 phase 400V converter
Model: FR-A7NR
Market price: U.S.$ 235.59
(The following are the market open price not sales price!)
Fiber optic cable / twisted pair cable.
Single bus.
Control unit.
According to the control requirements of the system, using the appropriate design method to design MITSUBISHI PLC program.
Procedures to meet the requirements of system control as the main line,
Write one by one to achieve the control function or the sub task of the program,
Gradually improve the functions specified by the system.
MITSUBISHI PLC initialization procedure FR-A7NR After MITSUBISHI PLC on power, the general need to do some of the initial operation,
In order to start making necessary preparations, to avoid the wrong operation of the system.
The main contents of the initialization program are: to some data area, counter and so on,
Data needed to restore some of the data area,
Set or reset some relays,
For some initial state display, etc.. Servo motor series: flat type, medium power.
Rated output: 0.75kw.
Rated speed: 2000r/min.
Electromagnetic brake: with.
Shaft end specification: Standard (straight axis).
Features: flat type of the model is very suitable for servo motor installation space is limited occasions.
IP level: IP65.
Application example:
1, industrial robots.
2, food processing machinery.
Abundant motor product line can optimize the performance of the machine.
Has a rich motor product line including a rotary servo motor, linear servo motor and direct drive motor. Needle number: 20.
Specification: Cable flat cable connector, supporting 10 sets. MITSUBISHI general purpose AC servo amplifier MELSERVO-J2-Super series.
Rated output: 0.2kw.
Built in positioning function.
Voltage: 3 phase AC200VAC or single phase AC230V.
Super function, excellent performance.
High performance CPU integration, greatly improve product responsiveness.
Due to the application of high performance CPU, so that the response can be greatly improved.
Speed loop frequency response increased to more than 550HZ.
MR-J2-Super series is the best device for high speed positioning applications.
Easy adjustment.
Model adaptive control / advanced real time automatic tuning.
FR-A7NR Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=FR-A7NR&select=5

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