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MITSUBISHI HF-SP52K Market price | HF-SP52K Introduction

Country: JAPAN
Name: Medium inertia power servo motor
Model: HF-SP52K
Market price: U.S.$ 1015.25
(The following are the market open price not sales price!)
Series introduction: set a number of basic functions in a small body model.
Screen size: 4.5 inches.
Display color: monochrome.
Mounting type: panel mounting type.
Resolution: 288 * 96.
Display device: STN monochrome.
Host frame color: white.
Power type: DC24V.
Communication interface: with built-in RS-232.
Set a number of basic functions in a compact type.
User storage capacity: 3MB HF-SP52K
Device USB port.
The standard RS-422/485 and RS-232 interface.
User storage capacity: 1.5MB (gt1030) /512kb (gt1020).
Three color LED backlight design, equipment status at a glance.
The standard RS-422/485 or RS-232 interface.
Touch screen, also known as touch screen, touch panel, is a kind of induction type liquid crystal display device can receive contacts and other input signals,
When touching the screen button on the screen,
The tactile feedback system on the screen can drive various connecting devices according to the pre programmed program,
Can be used to replace the mechanical button panel, and by the liquid crystal display screen to create the image of the effect of birth. Input points: 16 points.
Input voltage and current: 3/7mA DC12/24V.
Input response time: 10ms.
16 point /1 a public side.
Positive and negative sharing.
Output points: 16 points.
Output voltage: DC24V/AC240V, 2A/1 point, 4A/ common end.
Output response time: 12ms.
Output type: relay output.
8 point /1 a public end, 4 points / a public end.
50 point terminal station.
Control solenoid valve required I/O points by the action principle of the solenoid valve can be known,
A single coil solenoid valve with PLC control to 2 input and 1 output,
A double coil solenoid valve requires 3 inputs and 2 outputs,
A button needs an input; a light sensitive switch needs 4 or 2 inputs,
A signal lamp needs 1 output, band switch,
Several bands are required for several inputs,
In general, a variety of position switches are required to take up 2 input points.
MITSUBISHI PLC is the main product in the production of MITSUBISHI motor in Dalian.
It uses a kind of programmable memory for its internal storage procedures,
Execute logic operation, sequence control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations, user oriented instruction,
And through digital or analog input / output control of various types of machinery or production process.
The number of I/O thyristor DC motor control required tube DC motor speed control system is the main form of DC speed regulation,
The thyristor rectifier unit is used to supply power to the DC motor.
PLC control of the DC drive system, the input of the PLC in addition to the main signal outside the signal,
We need to consider the switching signal, the fault signal transmission device, brake signal and fan fault signal.
The output of the PLC mainly consider the speed command signal positive 1~3 level, 1~3 level, allowing reverse switching signal and brake open signal etc..
In general, a reversible DC drive system controlled by PLC is approximately 12 input points and 8 output points,
An irreversible DC drive system requires 9 inputs and 6 output points.
HF-SP52K Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=HF-SP52K&select=5

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