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MITSUBISHI HG-KN23J-S100 Market price | HG-KN23J-S100 Introduction

Country: JAPAN
Name: Electric machinery
Market price: U.S.$ 713.56
(The following are the market open price not sales price!)
MITSUBISHI inverter FR-F740 series.
Voltage level: three phase 400V.
Frequency converter capacity: 315KW.
The main circuit of the inverter can be divided into two categories in general: voltage type is the voltage source of the DC converter for AC inverter,
The filtering of the DC circuit is the capacitance; the current mode is the DC conversion of the current source to the AC inverter,
The DC loop filter is the inductor HG-KN23J-S100
Why is the frequency of the inverter voltage proportional to the change?
The electromagnetic torque of any motor is the result of the interaction between the current and the magnetic flux, the current is not allowed to exceed the rated value, otherwise it will cause the heating of the motor.
Therefore, if the magnetic flux decreases, the electromagnetic torque will decrease, which leads to the reduction of the load carrying capacity. MITSUBISHI inverter series: FR-F840.
Voltage level: three phase 400V.
Power: 3.7kw.
SLD converter rated current: 8.3A.
Structure and function: Standard model.
Type: CA.
Substrate coating: have.
2 times the power consumption of the wind turbine and pump and the speed of the 3 power consumption is proportional to the speed of the rotating speed.
Through the speed control of the frequency converter to adjust the air flow, can reduce the power consumption.
Give full play to the performance of the motor.
The excitation current is always adjusted to the best state, which can improve the efficiency of the motor.
Load torque is smaller, can further improve energy efficiency.
For example, when a general motor is used, the optimal excitation control mode in the 4% motor load torque is about 30% more than that of the V/F control. 32 point connector for compression connector (37 pin D-sub connector).Function: high performance and low price in the middle end model.
Picture size: 15 inches.
Resolution: XGA.
Display: TFT color.
Panel color: black.
Power type: DC24V.
The highest level model with multi touch and gesture features.
Specification rich, design at ease.
GT27 standard supports SD memory card and standard equipped with Ethernet, RS-232, RS-422/485, host/device USB interface.
Even in the log, script, alarm, soft component data transmission, such as high load processing period, but also to achieve smooth operation of the screen.
In addition, also supports video, animation playback, video input and RGB input and output, can use all the features of GOT2000.
Can be programmed CPU and other procedures, parameters, such as data storage (backup) to the SD GOT memory card, USB memory.
When the programmable controller fails, batch write back (recovery) program.
1, the human body sensor
People will be able to automatically detect and display the picture.
2, USB interface: device USB (Mini-B USB)
Can connect to the computer to transfer data.
3, USB interface: host USB (USB-A)
GOT data can be transmitted through the USB memory or read log data and other data,
Can also be connected to the USB mouse, keyboard use.
4, the extension of the interface
Communication module and optional module can be installed.
5, Ethernet interface
Up to 4 different manufacturers can be connected to the FA machine.
6, RS-232 interface
Can connect all kinds of FA machine, bar code reader, serial printer.
7, RS-422/485 interface
Can be connected to a variety of FA machines, bar code reader.
8, SD memory card slot
Can save alarm and log data, such as a large number of data.
HG-KN23J-S100 Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=HG-KN23J-S100&select=5

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