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A1S55B-S1 | MITSUBISHI Extended bottom plate A1S55B-S1

MITSUBISHI A1S55B-S1 Manual And Instructions
A1S55B-S1 datasheetPDF datasheet

MITSUBISHI A1S55B-S1 Product information and technical parameters:
Name: Extended bottom plate
Model: A1S55B-S1
I/O slots: 5 slots.
Can you install the power module.
Outline dimension: 260*130.
There are two types of extended floor,
A power module can be inserted, and the other one is not.
The choice of any type of substrate depends on the total DC5V current consumption and the power supply on the CPU main substrate.
If the total demand is less than the power output, no additional power supply,
Then you can choose a more economical expansion board.
Both ends of the main base plate of the CPU have an expansion interface, and can be used for extending the cable connection.

A1SI61 is designed to control the application of mechanical devices that require high speed response time.
A1SI61 temporarily stop running in order to generate an interrupt signal when the program is running,
And according to the interrupt vector to execute the corresponding interrupt handler.
The interrupt start condition can be selected according to the type of the connected device,
That is, the rising edge of the interrupt signal can be selected as a starting signal, and the falling edge of the interrupt signal can be selected as an interrupt MITSUBISHI A1S55B-S1 A1S55B-S1
The popularization and application of PLC programming has been developed rapidly in our country,
It has been widely used in all kinds of mechanical equipment and production process of electrical control devices,
All walks of life have emerged a large number of application of PLC transformation of the results of the equipment MITSUBISHI A1S55B-S1.
Understand the working principle of PLC, have the ability to design, debug and maintain the PLC control system,
Has become the basic requirements of modern industry for electrical technicians and engineering students MITSUBISHI A1S55B-S1.
The instruction list programming language is a programming language similar to assembly language mnemonic,
As well as assembly language by the operation code and the number of operations.
In the case of the computer for the PLC handheld programmer compile user program.
At the same time, the programming language of the instruction list corresponds to the ladder diagram programming language,
In PLC programming software can be converted to each other. Figure 3 is the instruction sheet corresponding to the ladder diagram of figure 2PLC.
The characteristics of instruction table programmming language is used to represent mnemonic operation function,
Easy to remember, easy to grasp;
In the handheld programmer on the keyboard using the mnemonic representation, easy to operate, can be programmed in computer;
There is a one-tto-one correspondence between the ladder diagram and the ladder diagram A1S55B-S1 A1S55B-S1. Its characteristics are basically consistent with the ladder diagram language.

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