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A1SJ71QE71N3-T | MITSUBISHI Ethernet module A1SJ71QE71N3-T

MITSUBISHI A1SJ71QE71N3-T Manual And Instructions
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MITSUBISHI A1SJ71QE71N3-T Product information and technical parameters:
Name: Ethernet module
Model: A1SJ71QE71N3-T
Q mode.
MITSUBISHI PLC is the main product in the production of MITSUBISHI motor in Dalian.
It uses a kind of programmable memory for its internal storage procedures,
Execute logic operation, sequence control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations, user oriented instruction,
And through digital or analog input / output control of various types of machinery or production process.
When the programmer input programinto the user program memory,
Then CPU according to the function of the system (the system program memory to explain the compiler),
Translate the user program into PLC internally recognized by the user to compile the program.

Input and output points: 512 points.
Input / output data points: 8192 points.
Program capacity: 28k.
Basic command processing speed (LD command) S:0.075.
PLC in the program execution stage: according to the order of the user program order to store the order of each instruction,
After the corresponding operation and processing, the result is written to the output status register,
The contents of the output status register are changed with the execution of the program MITSUBISHI A1SJ71QE71N3-T A1SJ71QE71N3-T
Output refresh phase: when all instructions are executed,
The output status register is sent to the output latch in the output refresh stage,
And through a certain way (relay, transistor or transistor) output, drive the corresponding output equipment MITSUBISHI A1SJ71QE71N3-T. Cable length: 6 meters
Extending cable to connect CPU main substrate and extended substrate,
According to the model can provide different cable length,
If you need to connect the AnN type expansion substrate is required,
Selection of A1SC05NB (A1SC07NB) cable. Axis of control: 1.
A1SD70 is a kind of voltage output type single axis positioning control module,
Equipped with a servo motor can form a closed loop control system of precise positioning MITSUBISHI A1SJ71QE71N3-T.
Its fastest positioning speed up to 400Kpps, the location of the 32 bit binary number (with a symbol bit).
Positioning units according to the specific application settings, such as the number of pulses, millimeters, inches or degrees. 2 axes.
2 axis linear interpolation.
Control unit: pulse, mm, inch, degree.
Determine the location of the number of data: 400/1 axis.
40 pin connector.
Control mode: position automatic acceleration and deceleration time: 64-4999ms pulse train output.
Structured text language is a programming language that describes a program with a structured description of the text.
It is a programming language similar to a high level language. In large and medium
Structured text is often used to describe the relationship between the various variables in the control system based on the PLC system.
Mainly used for other programming languages more difficult to achieve the user program.
Sequential function flow chart language is designed to satisfy the sequential logic control.
The process of sequential process action is divided into steps and transformation conditions,
According to the transfer condition, the control system is distributed in the function flow sequence,
Step by step according to the sequence of actions.
Each step represents a control function, represented by the box.
In the box, the ladder logic is used to complete the task of the corresponding control function.
This programming language makes the program structure clear and easy to read and maintain,
Greatly reduce the programming workload, shorten the programming and debugging time.
Used in the system of the size of the school, procedures for more complex occasions.
Sequence function flow chart programming language features: to function as the main line, in accordance with the functional flow of the order of distribution, clear, easy to understand the user program,
Avoid the defect of ladder diagram or other languages,
At the same time, the use of ladder language to avoid the use of ladder programming,
Due to the complicated mechanical interlock, the structure of the user program is complex and difficult to understand,
User program scan time is also greatly reduced.
A1SD75 series components show MITSUBISHI in manufacturing and design CNC,
Integrated technical experience in the aspectts of frequency converter, servo system and PLC A1SJ71QE71N3-T.
These components have a wealth of features that are sufficient to meet the highest requirements in the application of positioning control.
Up to 3 axis linkage operation,
In low cost mootion control applications, this component can be used to control the operation of a multi - to 3 axis, which can be used to account for only one slot A1SJ71QE71N3-T.

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