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MITSUBISHI A2ACPU-S1 Manual And Instructions
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MITSUBISHI A2ACPU-S1 Product information and technical parameters:
Name: CPU unit
Model: A2ACPU-S1
Input and output points: 1024 points.
Input / output data points: 1024 points.
Program capacity: 14K.
Basic command processing speed (LD command) s:0.20.
Integral type: the PLC components are installed together or a few pieces of printed circuit board,
And together with the power supply installed in the casing to form a single overall called the host or the basic unit, small, ultra small PLC using this structure.
Modular: PLC is the basic components of a separate module.
Medium and large PLC used this way. Easy maintenance.
Each scanning process. Focus on the input signal sampling. Focus on the output signal to refresh.
Input refresh process. When the input port is closed,
Program in the implementation phase, the input end of a new state, the new state can not be read.
Only when the program is scanned, the new state is read.
A scan cycle is divided into the input sample, the program execution, the output refresh.
The contents of the component image register are changed with the change of the execution of the program.
The length of the scan cycle is determined by the three.
CPU the speed of executing instructions.
Time of instruction.
Instruction count.
Due to the adoption of centralized sampling.
Centralized output mode.
There exist input / output hysteresis phenomena, i.e., the input / output response delay.
User program storage capacity: it is a measure of how much the user application can store the number of indicators.
Usually in words or K words as units. 16 bit binary number is a word,
Every 1024 words are 1K words. PLC to store instructions and data in words.
General logical operation instructions each account for 1 words. Timer / counter,
Shift instruction accounted for 2 words. Data operation instructions for 2~4.

4 channels.
4 wire type.
Platinum resistance (Pt100, JPt100).
Conversion rate: 40ms/1 channel.
47 point terminal station.
Input status and input information input from the input interface,
CPU will be stored in the working data memory or in the input image register.
And then combine the data and the program with CPU MITSUBISHI A2ACPU-S1.
The result is stored in the output image register or the working data memory,
And then output to the output interface, control the external drive A2ACPU-S1
PLC selection with the development of PLC technology, more and more types of PLC products,
Function is becoming more and more perfect, and its application is more and more extensive.
Different series of different models of PLC has different performance, applicable occasions also have different emphasis,
Price also has a greater difference MITSUBISHI A2ACPU-S1. Therefore PLC selection,
Under the premise of meeting the control requirements,
Should consider the best performance to price ratio, a reasonable choice of PLC.
The working process of the input interface circuit: when the switch is closed, the diode light,
The transistor is then guided to the internal circuit and input signal under the irradiation of the light MITSUBISHI A2ACPU-S1.
When the switch is off, the diode does not emit light, and the transistor is not on the way. Internal circuit input signal.
It is through the input interface circuit to the external switch signal into PLC internal can accept the digital signal.
MITSUBISHI PLC is the main product in the production of MITSUBISHI motor in Dalian.
It uses a kind of programmable memory for its internal storage procedures,
Execute logic operation, sequence control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations, user oriented instruction,
And through digital or analog input / output control of various types of machinery or production process. Memory card interface (AD59-MEF), parallel interface.
On-line debugging is the process that will through the simulation debugging to further carry onn the on-line unification to adjust A2ACPU-S1.
On-line debugging process should be step by step,
From MITSUBISHI PLC only connected to the input device, and then connect the output device, and then connect to the actual load and so on and so on stepp by step A2ACPU-S1.
If you do not meet the requirements, the hardware and procedures for adjustment.
Usually only need to modify the part of the program can be.

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