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A42XY | MITSUBISHI DC input / transistor output module A42XY

MITSUBISHI A42XY Manual And Instructions
A42XY datasheetPDF datasheet

MITSUBISHI A42XY Product information and technical parameters:
Name: DC input / transistor output module
Model: A42XY
Enter points: 64 points.
Input voltage: DC7V above.
Input response time: 16ms.
16 pin connector.
Output points: 64 points.
Output response time: 16ms.
Output type: transistor output.
32 pin connector.
Dynamic input and output.
Control solenoid valve required I/O points by the action principle of the solenoid valve can be known,
A single coil solenoid valve with PLC control to 2 input and 1 output,
A double coil solenoid valve requires 3 inputs and 2 outputs,
A button needs an input; a light sensitive switch needs 4 or 2 inputs,
A signal lamp needs 1 output, band switch,
Several bands are required for several inputs,
In general, a variety of position switches are required to take up 2 input points.
MITSUBISHI PLC is the main product in the production of MITSUBISHI motor in Dalian.
It uses a kind of programmable memory for its internal storage procedures,
Execute logic operation, sequence control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations, user oriented instruction,
And through digital or analog input / output control of various types of machinery or production process.
The number of I/O thyristor DC motor control required tube DC motor speed control system is the main form of DC speed regulation,
The thyristor rectifier unit is used to supply power to the DC motor.
PLC control of the DC drive system, the input of the PLC in addition to the main signal outside the signal,
We need to consider the switching signal, the fault signal transmission device, brake signal and fan fault signal.
The output of the PLC mainly consider the speed command signal positive 1~3 level, 1~3 level, allowing reverse switching signal and brake open signal etc..
In general, a reversible DC drive system controlled by PLC is approximately 12 input points and 8 output points,
An irreversible DC drive system requires 9 inputs and 6 output points.

Data communication line module (optical cable) Master / local station for A3VTS multiplex system
MITSUBISHI PLC detection, fault diagnosis and display and other procedures.
These procedures are relatively independent, generally in the basic completion of the program design and then add.
MITSUBISHI PLC protection and chain procedures MITSUBISHI A42XY.
Protection and chain is an indispensable part of the program, must be carefully considered A42XY
It can avoid the control logic confusion caused by illegal operations. GI fiber optic cable.
Dual loop for Q mode.
PC inter network (management station / station) / remote I/O network (remote control station).
How to choose MITSUBISHI PLC.
MITSUBISHI PLC options include the choice of MITSUBISHI PLC models, capacity, I/O module, power, etc MITSUBISHI A42XY. .
MITSUBISHI PLC distribution I/O points and design MITSUBISHI PLC peripheral hardware circuit
Draw the I/O point of the PLC and the input / output device connection diagram or the corresponding table,
This part also can be carried out in second steps.
Design PLC peripheral hardware circuit.
Draw the electrical wiring diagram of the other parts of the system,
Including the main circuit and the control circuit does not enter the PLC, etc MITSUBISHI A42XY. .
The electrical schematic diagram of the system composed of I/O PLC connection diagram and PLC peripheral electrical circuit diagram.
So far the system''s hardware electrical circuit has been determined. Input and output points: 512 points.
Input / output data points: 8192 points.
Program capacity: 28k.
Basic command processing speed (LD command) S:0.2.
The length of time required to execute the instruction, the length of the user''s program, the type of instruction, and the speed of the CPU execution are very significant,
Generally, a scanning process, the fault diagnosis time,
Communication time, input sampling and output refresh time is less,
The execution time is accounted for the vast majority of.
The photoelectric coupler is composed of two luminous two extreme tubes and a photoelectric transistor.
Light emitting diode two: the input of a photo coupler and the change of electrical signal,
The light signal is generated by the light emitting diode, which is the same as the input signal.
The working process of the input interface circuit: when the switch is closed, the diode light,
The transistor is then guided to the internal circuit and input signal under the irradiation of the light.
When the switch is off, the diode does not emit light, and the transistor is not on the way. Internal circuit input signal.
It is through the input interface circuit to the external switch signal into PLC internal can accept the digital signal.
Photoelectric three levels: in the light of the light signal conduction, the degree of light signal and the intensity of the light signal.
The output signal has a linear relationship with the input signal in the linear operating region of the photoelectric coupler.
User program storage capacityy: it is a measure of how much the user application can store the number of indicators A42XY.
Usually in words or K words as units. 16 bit binary number is a word,
Every 1024 words are 1K words. PLC to store instructions and data in words.
General llogical operation instructions each account for 1 words A42XY. Timer / counter,
Shift instruction accounted for 2 words. Data operation instructions for 2~4.

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