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FR-A720-3.7K | MITSUBISHI 3 phase 200V converter FR-A720-3.7K

MITSUBISHI FR-A720-3.7K Manual And Instructions
FR-A720-3.7K datasheetPDF datasheet

MITSUBISHI FR-A720-3.7K Product information and technical parameters:
Name: 3 phase 200V converter
Model: FR-A720-3.7K
MITSUBISHI inverter FR-A720 series.
Voltage level: 3 phase 200V.
Frequency converter capacity: 3.7KW.
Inverter output for the PWM wave, containing more harmonic.
Frequency conversion power sensor through the input voltage and current signals to exchange sampling,
Sampling value through cable, optical fiber and other transmission systems and digital input frequency conversion power analyzer,
The sampling value of the voltage and current is calculated by the digital input frequency conversion power analyzer,
It can obtain the parameters such as voltage effective value, current effective value, fundamental wave voltage, fundamental current, harmonic voltage, harmonic current, active power, fundamental wave power and harmonic power.

Power: 75kw.
Voltage: 200V.
Sine wave filter.
The voltage and current of the motor can be adjusted to a sine wave.
The sine wave filter is installed to the output terminal of the inverter.
Applicable to FR-A820-03800 (75K) above and FR-A840-02160 (75K) and above frequency converter.
Sine wave filter is equivalent to the operational characteristics of the sine wave power driver, can provide the following benefits MITSUBISHI FR-A720-3 FR-A720-3.7K7K.
Low noise.
No surge current.
Reduce motor loss (standard motor). Voltage level: three phase 400V.
Applicable motor capacity: 450kw.
Substrate coating: have.
Built in DC reactor.
The operating frequency of the fixed alternating current is converted to DC power. For the operation panel (FR-DU08) between the connector and the connecting cable MITSUBISHI FR-A720-3.7K. MITSUBISHI inverter FR-E740 series.
Voltage level: 3 phase 400V.
Frequency converter capacity: 0.75KW.
Allow short-time overload (200% 3S).
The machine itself does not need to purchase another operating panel.
Provide USB interface to connect with the computer, you can use the FRConfigurator software to set the parameters of the inverter or monitor MITSUBISHI FR-A720-3.7K.
Inverter surface with PU interface, FR-E500 operating panel can be directly connected to the E700 series. The installation dimensions are in full agreement with FR-E500.
Allow side by side installation, saving installation space
Simple maintenance: equipped with comb type wiring board, wiring more convenient, the replacement of the same series inverter, no stitches, as long as the original inverter control terminal. Power: 22kw.
Purpose: high frequency braking resistor.
The use rate of the built-in regenerative brake of the transducer can be promoted.
When using the FR-ABR type brake resistor, the short circuit piece between the terminal PR-PX is removed. Does not remove the short circuit chip will lead to overheating of the brake resistor.
The utilization rate of the regenerative braking should be less than the allowable brake use rate in the above table.
With the operating frequency of the brake reesistor to reach 300 degrees C or higher, it is necessary to take protective measures and cooling FR-A720-3.7K.
MYS type resistor can be used. But please pay attention to the allowable brake use rate.
Do not remove the terminal P/+ and P1 between thhe short circuit chip, in addition to connecting the DC reactor FR-A720-3.7K.
The installation of thermal relay, to avoid overheating and burn the braking resistor.

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