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FR-F740-S110K-CHT | MITSUBISHI 3 phase 400V converter FR-F740-S110K-CHT

MITSUBISHI FR-F740-S110K-CHT Manual And Instructions
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MITSUBISHI FR-F740-S110K-CHT Product information and technical parameters:
Name: 3 phase 400V converter
Model: FR-F740-S110K-CHT
MITSUBISHI inverter FR-F740 series.
Voltage level: three phase 400V.
Frequency converter capacity: 110KW.
Frequency converter common frequency of a given way: the operator keyboard is given, the contact signal given, analog signal given, the pulse signal given and communication methods given, etc..
These frequencies have their advantages and disadvantages, and should be selected according to the actual needs.
Frequency converter is a power control device which uses the power of the power semiconductor device to change the power frequency to another frequency,
Can realize the asynchronous motor soft start, variable frequency speed regulation, improve the operation precision, change the power factor, over current / over voltage / overload protection and other functions.

Applicable motor capacity: 3.7KW.
Rated current: 1.2A.
Power supply voltage: three phase 400V.
Frequency converter and GOT supporting the use, to achieve a higher price.
SIMPLE GOT series can be directly connected to the IS70 series inverter.
GOT can be directly connected with the inverter. After connecting the two, the communication parameters can be automatically set MITSUBISHI FR-F740-S110K-CHT FR-F740-S110K-CHT
In addition, the software can display the soft component of the control function in the GOT, even when the multi frequency converter is connected,
Can also be unified management with 1 GOT.
Through the GOT screen to create software to import the picture data after the GOT,
Only use RS-422 connection GOT and frequency converter,
Can change the inverter speed / direction, monitoring the output frequency / output current and set a variety of parameters MITSUBISHI FR-F740-S110K-CHT. "MITSUBISHI inverter series: FR-A846.
Voltage level: three phase 400V.
Power: 5.5kw.
SLD converter rated current: 17.0A.
Structure and function: IP55 counterpart.
Type: CA.
Substrate coating: have.
Built in DC reactor.
Easy to operate, simple settings.
We have prepared a series of equipment and functions for you to work in any place to meet the life cycle of the product MITSUBISHI FR-F740-S110K-CHT.
Allegedly, the motor power consumption accounted for about half of the total power generated by manufacturing industry consumption.
How to achieve energy efficiency in the plant without affecting the productivity.
Less energy consumption and more output FR-A800 series inverter will help you to have both fish and bear''s paw"
Parameters and frequency settings can be modified in the program.
Inverter control, for example, by the input signal to trigger the operation of the inverter, based on the operation off the inverter
The status of the signal output, as well as the monitor output and so on, can be customized according to the requirements FR-F740-S110K-CHT.
The control of each machine can be done separately by the frequency converter, and the controol of the dispersion is also carried out FR-F740-S110K-CHT.
Through combining with the real-time clock function can realize the automatic operation (in option FR-LU08). "

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