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FX3G-2AD-BD | MITSUBISHI Analog input expansion board FX3G-2AD-BD

MITSUBISHI FX3G-2AD-BD Manual And Instructions
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FX3G-2AD-BD Analog Control EditionUSER'S MANUAL

MITSUBISHI FX3G-2AD-BD Product information and technical parameters:
Name: Analog input expansion board
Model: FX3G-2AD-BD
Analog input expansion board (2 channel).

Max input / output points: 48 points.
Supply voltage: 100 - 240VAC.
Input points: 24 points.
Output points: 24 points.
Output type: silicon controlled.
Power consumption: 50VA.
Weight (kg):0.85.
Size (WxHxD) mm:182x90x87.
Since the FX2n series have the following features: the maximum range of inclusive of the standard features, program execution faster, the full complement of communication function, suitable for different countries in the world, and the power to meet a large number of special function modules of individual needs,
It can provide maximum flexibility and control capability for your factory automation applications MITSUBISHI FX3G-2AD-BD FX3G-2AD-BD
Control 16~256 point.
Built in 8K capacity of the RAM memory, the maximum can be extended to 16K MITSUBISHI FX3G-2AD-BD.
CPU arithmetic processing speed of 0.08 S/ basic instructions.
On the right side of the FX2N series can be connected to the input and output expansion modules and special function modules.
The basic unit is built in the 2 axis independent maximum 20kHz positioning function (transistor output type).
Quick disconnect the terminal block, which adopts excellent maintainability to quickly disconnect the terminal blocks, even if the cable is then replaced by the cable MITSUBISHI FX3G-2AD-BD.
Developed a range of special function modules to meet the needs of different - analog I/O, high speed counter.
Positioning control to achieve the 16 axis, the pulse train output or for the J and K type thermocouple or Pt sensor developed the temperature module.
A total of 8 special function modules can be configured for each FX2n main unit.
Note recording function, Component annotation can be recorded in the program register.
Online programLength: 5.0m.
Specification: TB-FX round cable. Function extension board for RS-485 communication.
DC5V power consumption: 40mA. Max input / output points: 60 points.
Supply voltage: 100 - 240VAC.
Input points: 36 points.
Output points: 24 points.
Output type: relay.
Power consumption (W): 35.
Weight (kg):0.8.
Size (WxHxD) mm:175x90x75.
Rich functionality.
FX series of products are rich in variety, users can be based on cost or application,
Choose the most suitable product. Will find a suitable model for the user site.
Terminal row type standard machine with extended input ouutput
Can also be less of a system with analog or communication, etc FX3G-2AD-BD. .
CPU, power supply, input and output integration.
Display module or function expansion board can be less installed.
In addition, you can also reduce the input output oor special module FX3G-2AD-BD.
Built in 8000 step EPROM memory.
No battery. Maintenance free.
Overseas oriented products meet all kinds of international standards.

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