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GT2510-VTWD | MITSUBISHI 10.4 inch touch screen GT2510-VTWD

MITSUBISHI GT2510-VTWD Manual And Instructions
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GT2510-VTWD MES Interface Function Manual
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MITSUBISHI GT2510-VTWD Product information and technical parameters:
Name: 10.4 inch touch screen
Model: GT2510-VTWD
Function: high performance and low price in the middle end model.
Picture size: 10.4 inches.
Resolution: VGA.
Display: TFT color.
Panel color: white.
Power type: DC24V.
Middle end model of high performance and low price.
GT25 standard supports SD memory card and standard equipped with Ethernet, RS-232, RS-422/485, host/device USB interface.
Even in the log, script, alarm, soft component data transmission, such as high load processing period, but also to achieve smooth operation of the screen.
Connect GOT front USB interface and computer,
Can be through the FA, the GOT machine programming, start and adjust the operation,
Save the trouble of opening the control cabinet and changing the cable.
1, USB interface: device USB machine (Mini-B USB)
Can connect to the computer to transfer data.
2, USB interface: host USB (USB-A)
USB data can be transmitted through the USB memory or read log data, such as the GOT data, but also can be connected to the use of the mouse, keyboard.
3, the extension of the interface
Communication module and optional module can be installed.
4, Ethernet interface
Up to 4 different manufacturers can be connected at the same time
FA machine.
5, RS-232 interface
Can connect all kinds of FA machine, bar code reader, serial printer.
6, RS-422/485 interface
Can be connected to a variety of FA machines, bar code reader.
7, SD memory card slot
Can save alarm and log data, such as a large number of data.

Cable length: 8m.
The connection between the CC-LINK interface unit and the smart GOT.
Applicable model: HandyGOT. Series Name: A953GOT.
Size: 6 inches.
Resolution: 320 * 240.
Display equipment: high brightness TFT color display.
Display color: 256 color.
Power supply: DC24V.
The built-in RS-232 communication interface MITSUBISHI GT2510-VTWD.
Memory card: 3M.
Design any machine interface, generally have to consider the system response time, user assistance mechanism, error information processing and command mode four aspects GT2510-VTWD
System response time is too long to be the most users in the interactive system,
In addition to the absolute length of the response time, the user is also very concerned about the difference in response to different commands in response time,
If too wide users will be difficult to accept; user assistance mechanism should be integrated,
Avoid overlay systems that cause users to turn to a guide and have to browse a large number of irrelevant information;
Error and warning information must be selected in terms of user''s clarity and meaning,
At the same time, it should be as far as possible to provide some suggestions on the recovery of errors MITSUBISHI GT2510-VTWD MITSUBISHI GT2510-VTWD.
In addition, when the error message is displayed, the effect is better if it is supplemented by the auditory (Bell) and visual (special color) stimulus;
Command mode is the best menu and keyboard commands, for the user to choose. Series Name: A956WGOT.
Size: 7 inches.
Resolution: 480 * 234.
Display equipment: high brightness TFT color display.
Display color: 256 color.
Power supply: DC24V.
Memory card: 1M.
Human computer interaction is the interaction between human and machine, which is essentially human and computer.
Or from a broader perspective: human computer interaction is the interaction between people and machines that contain computers.
Specifically, the two-way communication between the user and the computer machine,
Using a certain symbol and a liquid crystal screen to be used as a man-machine interface display
Action to achieve, such as the hit key, move the mouse, display the symbol / graphics on the screen, etc..
This process consists of several sub processes: identifying the interaction object, understanding the interaction object, grasping the object modality, information adaptation and feedback, etc.;
The human computer interface is the communication mediaa or means between the user and the computer system containing the computer,
The support software and hardware of the two-way information exchange between human and computer GT2510-VTWD. The interface is defined as the media or means of communicatioon,
Its physical and chemical embodiment is related to the support of software and hardware, such as a graphical display terminal with the mouse, etc GT2510-VTWD. .

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