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HC-SFS152K | MITSUBISHI Medium inertia power motor HC-SFS152K

MITSUBISHI HC-SFS152K Manual And Instructions
HC-SFS152K datasheetPDF datasheet

MITSUBISHI HC-SFS152K Product information and technical parameters:
Name: Medium inertia power motor
Model: HC-SFS152K
Motor series: medium inertia, medium power.
Rated output power: 1.5kw.
Rated speed: 2000r/min.
Whether to take the brake: No.
Shaft keyway: (open slot).
Protection level: IP65 (IP67).
Features: medium inertia from low speed to high speed three modes for selection, suitable for different applications.
Application examples: transmission machinery, robots, X-Y working platform.
High resolution encoder 131072p/rev (17 bit).
The encoder with high resolution ensures excellent performance and stability at low speed.
All motor dimensions are the same as before and all are compatible with the wiring.

Servo motor series: low inertia, medium / high power.
Rated output: 1.5kw.
Rated speed: 3000r/min.
Electromagnetic brake: with.
Shaft end specification: Standard (straight axis).
Features: low inertia for high speed / acceleration and deceleration operation occasions.
IP level: IP67.
Application example:
1, food processing machinery MITSUBISHI HC-SFS152K.
2, printing machine.
3, injection molding machine (11KW, 15KW) HC-SFS152K
4, large press machine (11KW, 15KW).
The protection level of the HF-SP/HF-JP series servo motor is IP67 (except the shaft part).
Low inertia of the power servo motor (0.5kW ~ 9kW), the maximum speed: 6000r/min (rated speed: 3000r/min),
Suitable for high frequency positioning and acceleration / deceleration operations, especially for food processing machines and printing machines MITSUBISHI HC-SFS152K.
Low inertia, high power, no cooling fan servo motor (11kW and 15kW), maximum speed: 3000r/min (rated speed: 1500r/min).
The motor structure is more compact due to the adoption of the non cooling fan design, and the connection is reduced by using the power source connector.
(compared with the HF-LP series servo motor with the same power, the volume is reduced by about 46%, and the weight is reduced by about 34%,
Suitable for high frequency positioning and acceleration / deceleration operations, especially for injection molding machines and large presses MITSUBISHI HC-SFS152K.
HF-JP703 (4) /903 (4) maximum speed: 5000r/min. The length of the line: 5M.
Relay type.
IP level: IP20.
Bending life: high bending life.
Encoder with cable (amplifier side); for HF-KP/HF-MP series. "MITSUBISHI general purpose AC servo amplifier MELSERVO-J2-Super series.
Rated output: 5.0kw.
Built in positioning function.
Voltage: 3 phase AC200VAC or single phase AC230V.
Compatible with "MR-J2S- CP-S084" - servo amplifier and interface unit "MR-J2S-TO1" positioninng by CC-Link
Simply setting the point table HC-SFS152K.
AC servo can be used as the driving source of the field network.
Using servo amplifier built-in positioning function, position data and speed data, you can set the CC-Link.
Start, stop and dissplay can also be transmitted through the CC-Link HC-SFS152K.
Serial communication reduces wiring.
AC servo distributed control system can be easily constructed. "

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