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MR-E-40AG-KH003 | MITSUBISHI Servo amplifier MR-E-40AG-KH003

MITSUBISHI MR-E-40AG-KH003 Manual And Instructions
MR-E-40AG-KH003 datasheetPDF datasheet
MR-E-40AG-KH003 Instruction Manual

MITSUBISHI MR-E-40AG-KH003 Product information and technical parameters:
Name: Servo amplifier
Model: MR-E-40AG-KH003
Type: general purpose AC servo amplifier MR-E series.
Rated output: 0.4kw.
Interface type: analog input interface.
KH003 special mark for Super MR-E.
Servo amplifier terminals are used to reduce the required wiring time.
The connector is located in front of the servo amplifier, which is convenient for cable connection.
The gain adjustment can be easily carried out by the real-time automatic tuning function.
Wide use.
Machining equipment and machine tool feed.
Used for food, packaging equipment and feeding device.
For textile machinery, etc..
Can improve the performance of equipment.

MITSUBISHI motor universal AC servo amplifier MELSERVO-J3 series.
Rated output: 22.0kw.
Interface type: SSCNET type III fiber communication.
Full closed loop control.
Power specification: three phase AC200V.
High precision and high response location control.
Full closed loop control can be realized by double feedback control method MITSUBISHI MR-E-40AG-KH003.
Dual feedback control can be performed between the servo motor encoder and the load side encoder MR-E-40AG-KH003
MR-J3-B-RJ006 can be used in conjunction with a number of manufacturers of linear encoder,
Users can build the system according to their own accuracy requirements. ABS type linear encoder using serial interface,
No need to install the battery on the servo amplifier can easily build the absolute position detection system MITSUBISHI MR-E-40AG-KH003.
Flexible system configuration.
Can achieve higher load side positioning accuracy!Motor series: low inertia, low power.
Rated output power: 0.2kw.
Rated speed: 3000r/min.
Whether with brake: No.
Shaft end: Standard (straight).
Protection level: IP55 does not include the shaft part and the connector.
Features: low inertia is particularly suitable for high speed motor (6000 or 12000 RPM / min) of general industrial machinery MITSUBISHI MR-E-40AG-KH003.
Application example 1: drive belt drive, robot.
Application example 2: assembly machine, sewing machine, X-Y working table.
Application example 3: food manufacturing machinery, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, knitting machine and embroidery machine.
High resolution encoder 131072p/rev (17 bit).
The encoder with high resolution ensures excellent performance and stability at low speed.
All motor dimensions are the same as before and all are compatible with the wiring. Servo motor series: low inertia, small capacity.
Rated output: 0.2kw.
Rated speed: 3000r/min.
Electromagnetic brake: incidental.
Oil seal: incidental (Note 1, note 2, note 3).
Power supply: 200V.
Note 1 through HG-KR and HG-MR series 0.1kW and HG-SR series can be supported.
Note 2 with the speed reducer case, do not configure the oil seal.
Note 3 with oil seal HG-KR, HG-MR series servo motor''s appearance size standard is different.
The rated speed is 3000r/min, the maximum speed is 6000r/min.
The maximum torque of 350% of the rated torque, high torque in the field of high rotation, only to support the HG-KR series products MR-E-40AG-KH003.
Built in absolute position encoder with high resolution.
Standard high resolution absolute position encoder (4194304p/rev (22bit)).
To achhieve a higher accuracy of the positioning function MR-E-40AG-KH003.
Improve the environmental performance of HG-KR, HG-MR, HG-RR, HG-UR series of products using IP65.

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