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R38B | MITSUBISHI Main base plate R38B

MITSUBISHI R38B Manual And Instructions
R38B datasheetPDF datasheet

MITSUBISHI R38B Product information and technical parameters:
Name: Main base plate
Model: R38B
The input and output module installation number: 8.
DIN guide rail mounting adapter type: R6DIN1.
Size (H) * (32.5mm) * (W) * (D): * 328mm * 101mm. "

"Axis of control: 16.
Program language: motion SFC, special instruction.
Servo program capacity: 32K.
Location points: 6400 (indirect).
Servo amplifier connection mode: SSCNET III /H (1 system).
The motion CPU module is a CPU module which can be used for positioning control, synchronization control, speed / torque control and other advanced motion control MITSUBISHI R38B.
A multi CPU system with programmable controller CPU module and motion CPU module is installed on the same substrate module,
High speed control and high precision motion control can be realized R38B
High speed data communication between CPU modules.
Programmable controller CPU module and motion CPU module with 2 kinds of CPU buffer memory,
One is the storage area of the constant period communication between the CPU module and the 0 MITSUBISHI R38B. 222ms cycle,
The other is a storage area that can perform data communication directly at any time.
The storage area of any communication can contribute to the large capacity data transfer between the CPU modules and the real-time response of the refresh data.
For example, can be a one-time transfer cam data, such as large capacity data, easy to program MITSUBISHI R38B. "Operation control mode: stored procedure repeated operation.
Built in IE CC-Link.
Input / output points: 4096 points.
Program capacity: 80K.
Increase the speed of a constant cycle interrupt program.
Perform a minimum interval constant period interrupt program can be shortened to 50 s,
Programmable logic controller can read more high-speed signals.
In addition, the interrupt routine can be set priority, and the interrupt program with high priority is executed when the interrupt processing is interrupted.
Therefore, when the signal is read at a high speed, the program can read the signal from the constant cycle of the conventional input module +CPU module.
Data management using database functions.
Data and production performance data through computer management in the past can be managed by database management of a built-in programmable controller.
Database can be created in the SD memory card, and can use the special instructions to eaasily add, update, retrieve, delete data R38B.
In addition, the database can be imported and exported through the Unicode text file format,
Share data with spreadsheet software. In particular, can be flexibly used in the production of many varietiess of food and beverage production line and other fields,
Effectively carry out the change of formula data and the management of production performance R38B.

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