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RY40NT5P | MITSUBISHI output module RY40NT5P

MITSUBISHI RY40NT5P Manual And Instructions
RY40NT5P datasheetPDF datasheet

MITSUBISHI RY40NT5P Product information and technical parameters:
Name: output module
Model: RY40NT5P
Output points: 16 points.
Output form: Transistor (drain type) output.
Rated open and close voltage, current: -.
Rated load voltage: DC12 ~ 24V.
Max load current: 0.5A/ point.
Response time: 1ms.
Common way: 16 point / public end.
Protection function (overload, overheat).
External wiring connection mode: 18 point screw terminal.
Output module with mechanical relay contact mechanism,
Including the load voltage range of the relay and can be used for the output of the DC12~24V load transistor output type.
According to the load voltage, the output points of different, choose the most suitable user needs of the module.
Preventive maintenance based on the life of relay contact.
Relay output module can accumulate the number of ON of each output point.
Through the understanding of the relay contacts of the number of times, according to the relay life of preventive maintenance.

"The length of the cable: 1.2 meters.
IQ-R MELSEC series of "inter module synchronization", refers to the module can be in accordance with the synchronization cycle between modules,
The function of the input and output time synchronization of the multiple input and output modules and the intelligent function modules of the synchronization object MITSUBISHI RY40NT5P.
Using this function, the system and equipment can be controlled with high precision RY40NT5P
In addition, it is also available in the CC-LinkIE field network synchronous communication, so that the action time between the network nodes to maintain synchronization,
To avoid the error caused by the network transmission delay time, so as to build a stable system MITSUBISHI RY40NT5P.
At the same time using these features, it can be easy to respond to the requirements of the high accuracy of the movement of the situation,
For example, the cutting and bending process of offset press, etc.. "Input points: 16 points.
Rated input voltage and frequency: DC24V.
Rated input current: 6.0mA.
Response time: 5 S ~ 70ms.
Common way: 8 point / public end (positive public end).
Interrupt function: have MITSUBISHI RY40NT5P.
External wiring connection mode: 18 point screw terminal.
The input module is the most used module in the control system.
According to the input voltage, the input points of different, choose the most suitable user needs of the module.
1 modules are equipped with a variety of functions.
Can be through a single input module to 1 points for the unit to set the high speed response, interrupt input function.
In addition, the public end of the module can be freely selected as the common end of the positive pole and the negative pole.
It is not necessary to use different modules according to the input specifications and functions, and reduce the number of modules,
Therefore slot occupied quantity can be reduced by 20% than in the past, the deployment cost can be reduced by 60% compared with the previous. Safety grade (SIL): SIL 3 (IEC 61508).
Performance level (PL): e PL (13849-1 EN/ISO).
Operation control mode: stored procedures repeated operation.
Program capacity: 80K (security program: 40K).
Program memory: 320K.
Soft element / tag memory: 1178K.
Data memory: 5M.
In line with the international safety standards for the safety of CPU can be controlled at the same time the general system and safety system.
Available through IE Field CC-Link network,
Connect the safety switch and safety light curtain system used to secure CPU,
System for the construction of a general control and safety control system.
In addition, through the use of intuitive engineering software Works3 GX,
Focus on general control and safety control programming.
Integrate security functions into the control system.
Can be useed in the previous iQ-R MELSEC series module as a general control purposes,
Use on the same substrate, it can be used to construct a hybrid system with general control and safety control RY40NT5P.
Moreover, IE Field CC-Link network can be integratedd with general communication and secure communication,
Ethernet cable can also be used in secure communication,
No need to use a dedicated cable, etc RY40NT5P. .

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