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MITSUBISHI A2CCPUP21 Market price | A2CCPUP21 Introduction

Country: JAPAN
Name: CPU unit
Model: A2CCPUP21
Price: 0
Applicable motor capacity: 0.75KW.
Rated current: 1.2A.
Power supply voltage: single phase 200V.
Frequency converter and GOT supporting the use, to achieve a higher price.
SIMPLE GOT series can be directly connected to the IS70 series inverter.
GOT can be directly connected with the inverter. After connecting the two, the communication parameters can be automatically set.
In addition, the software can display the soft component of the control function in the GOT, even when the multi frequency converter is connected,
Can also be unified management with 1 GOT A2CCPUP21
Through the GOT screen to create software to import the picture data after the GOT,
Only use RS-422 connection GOT and frequency converter,
Can change the inverter speed / direction, monitoring the output frequency / output current and set a variety of parameters. Can be used as a screw relay terminal.Series introduction: with a variety of first type functions and communication interface standard model.
Screen size: 5.7 inches.
Display color: 256 color or more color.
Mounting type: panel mounting type.
Resolution: QVGA (320 x 240).
Display device: TFT color (high brightness, wide viewing angle).
Host frame color: black.
Power type: DC24V.
With a built-in Ethernet communication interface.
Standard model with various pre - and communication interface.
User storage capacity: 9MB.
Device USB interface.
Standard Ethernet, RS-422/485 and RS-232 interface.
The standard SD card interface.
According to the working principle of the touch screen and the transmission of information of the media, the touch screen is divided into four kinds,
They are resistive, capacitive, inductive, infrared, and surface acoustic waves.
Each touch screen has its own advantages and disadvantages, to understand which kind of touch screen to apply to what kind of occasion,
The key is to understand the working principle and characteristics of each type of touch screen technology. Series Name: A951GOT.
Size: 6 inches.
Resolution: 320 * 240.
Display device: STN monochrome display.
Display color: monochrome (white and black).
Power supply: DC24V.
Built in BUS Q communication interface.
Memory card: 1M.
China is the world''s biggest market for human machine interface,
But it is not the highest sales market in the world,
This shows that the low-end user interface in China has a large share of.
In recent years, the rapid development of national brands, to take a low price and other strategies, is a massive attack on the low end of the market,
Has occupied the dominant position in the low-end market, has won the recognition of the majority of users.
International brands are also gradually developing its economic products, in order to seize the share of the low-end market.
Therefore, in the low-end market steady,
The overall performance of the domestic human machine interface manufacturers showing a rapid growth of the state.
A2CCPUP21 Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=A2CCPUP21&select=5

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