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MITSUBISHI L26CPU-BT-CM Manual And Instructions
L26CPU-BT-CM datasheetPDF datasheet
L26CPU-BT-CM Common InstructionsProgramming Manual
L26CPU-BT-CM Special InstructionsProgramming Manual
L26CPU-BT-CM Application FunctionsProgramming Manual
L26CPU-BT-CM Common InstructionsProgramming Manual
L26CPU-BT-CM Structured Text(ST)PROGRAMMING Guide Book
L26CPU-BT-CM Structured TextProgramming Manual
L26CPU-BT-CM MELSAP-LProgramming Manual
L26CPU-BT-CM Structured TextProgramming Guide
L26CPU-BT-CM PID Control InstructionsProgramming Manual
L26CPU-BT-CM Special InstructionsProgramming Manual
L26CPU-BT-CM Common InstructionsProgramming Manual
L26CPU-BT-CM Application FunctionsProgramming Manual
L26CPU-BT-CM ApplicationUser's Manual
L26CPU-BT-CM Structured TextProgramming Manual

MITSUBISHI L26CPU-BT-CM Product information and technical parameters:
Name: cpu module
Model: L26CPU-BT-CM
"Universal output function: leakage type.
Program capacity: 260K step.
Basic operations processing speed: 9.5ns.
Communication interface: USB/Ethernet (built-in CC-Link function).
Program capacity: 20K step.
Control mode: stored procedure repeated operation.
Input / output points: 4096 points.
End cap.
High precision PWM control of the highest 200kHz.
In the PWM output mode, by setting the ON time and cycle time,
The duty cycle can be changed, and the minimum cycle time is 5 s.
In addition to lighting dimming control, simple motor control and heater control,
Can also be used to require high resolution detection equipment, such as a wide range of oscillators.
CPU built-in functions can be easily set through programming tools.
The built-in I/O function settings can be easily carried out through the parameters of the programming tool.
5 s units can be used for high precision workpiece measurement in pulse measurement mode,
Can be used with a minimum of 5 s units of the input signal of the ON/OFF time (the shortest 200 s) for high precision measurement.
For example, after measuring the ON time of the sensor input,
The "moving speed" and "length" of the workpiece can be accurately calculated ". "

IE Field CC-Link intelligent equipment station.
Transmission speed: 1Gbps.
Remote input / output: 2048 points.
Remote register: 1024 words.
RAS function.
End cap.
Play the role of IE CC-Link field network remote station
Can be installed in the IE CC-Link field network host module L series of a variety of I/O module, intelligent function module MITSUBISHI L26CPU-BT-CM.
Can be used as the remote station of IE CC-Link field network,
The flexible configuration of I/O module and intelligent function module is realized,
Reduce device wiring, save space L26CPU-BT-CM
Management of abnormal information through the RAS function
An error occurred in the remote station,
After the error record is saved to the IE CC-Link field network host module''s latch area,
Instantaneous notification to the master station via the network MITSUBISHI L26CPU-BT-CM.
Even if the power of the system is cut off, the error record in the locked area is still retained,
So it is easy to determine the location of the problem, to maximize the reduction of downtime. Number of input channels: 2Ch.
Differential drive input.
Maximum count rate: pulse/s 500K.
Linear counter function MITSUBISHI L26CPU-BT-CM.
Ring counter function.
Uniform output function.
Preset function.
Count invalid function.
Latch counter function.
Sampling counter function.
Periodic pulse counter function.
Flexibly applied to various applications
Combination of functions,
Easy to achieve speed measurement, long measuring function, the single pulse output, the ratio of the set / distribution output, PWM control, cam switch control, such as a wide range of control.
Single pulse.
To trigger the input as a starting point, with a minimum 25ns unit to adjust the ON/OFF time.
The action time deviation of ON/OFF is ns level, so it can achieve high precision conttrol L26CPU-BT-CM.
Velocity measurement and length measurement
In addition to the measurement of ON width and OFF width,
Can also achieve different sensor ON time difference and other conditions of the measurement.
The high precision measurement of the smallest 25ns unit can be realized L26CPU-BT-CM.
Delayed output
The output time delay of each channel can be adjusted so that the error output can be realized.

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