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L02CPU-P | MITSUBISHI cpu module L02CPU-P

MITSUBISHI L02CPU-P Manual And Instructions
L02CPU-P datasheetPDF datasheet
L02CPU-P Design, Maintenance and InspectionUser's Manual
L02CPU-P Function Explanation, Program FundamentalsUser's Manual
L02CPU-P Built-In I/O FunctionUser's Manual
L02CPU-P Built-In Ethernet FunctionUser's Manual
L02CPU-P Common InstructionsProgramming Manual
L02CPU-P Special InstructionsProgramming Manual
L02CPU-P Application FunctionsProgramming Manual
L02CPU-P Common InstructionsProgramming Manual
L02CPU-P Structured Text(ST)PROGRAMMING Guide Book
L02CPU-P Structured TextProgramming Manual
L02CPU-P MELSAP-LProgramming Manual
L02CPU-P Bulit-in I/O FunctionUser's Manual
L02CPU-P Structured TextProgramming Guide
L02CPU-P PID Control InstructionsProgramming Manual

MITSUBISHI L02CPU-P Product information and technical parameters:
Name: cpu module
Model: L02CPU-P
"Universal output function: source type.
Program capacity: 20K step.
Basic operations processing speed: 40ns.
Communication interface: USB/Ethernet.
Control mode: stored procedure repeated operation.
Input / output points: 1024 points.
End cap.
CPU built-in functions can be easily set through programming tools.
The built-in I/O function settings can be easily carried out through the parameters of the programming tool.
5 s units can be used for high precision workpiece measurement in pulse measurement mode,
Can be used with a minimum of 5 s units of the input signal of the ON/OFF time (the shortest 200 s) for high precision measurement.
For example, after measuring the ON time of the sensor input,
The "moving speed" and "length" of the workpiece can be accurately calculated ".
High precision PWM control of the highest 200kHz.
In the PWM output mode, by setting the ON time and cycle time,
The duty cycle can be changed, and the minimum cycle time is 5 s.
In addition to lighting dimming control, simple motor control and heater control,
Can also be used to require high resolution detection equipment, such as a wide range of oscillators. "

Convert connectors to e-CON.Convert connector to screw relay terminal.
2 wire connection, no need to use common terminal.
Negative common end use. Number of input channels: 8ch.
Input current: DC0 ~ 20mA.
Conversion speed: 1ms/ch.
Resolution: 1/8000.
By shifting the function easily when the system starts to fine tune the movement function MITSUBISHI L02CPU-P.
Shift the set value to (shift to) the function of the digital output value L02CPU-P
If you change the conversion value, the value is reflected in real time to the value of the scale (numeric value),
Can easily complete the fine-tuning of the system startup.
Extended detection method based on usage
Anomaly detection and extension of input signal
The detection method of the abnormal detection function of the input signal can be extended to detect the abnormal detection function of the input signal which is outside the range of the set range MITSUBISHI L02CPU-P.
For the detection of the lower limit or the upper limit of the input signal abnormality, or when the detection of the broken line is performed.
Enter range extension
Range of scalable input range.
Combined with the abnormal detection function of the input signal, the broken line can be easily detected MITSUBISHI L02CPU-P. Open collector output.
Axis of control: 1.
Maximum output pulse: pulse/s 200k.
Location data: 600 data / axis.
Max link distance: 2m.
With the parameter setting, the synchronization control can be easily realized. Do not need to write complex procedures.
Start / stop with synchronous control of the shaft.
Synchronous control of the axis and the positioning of the axis can coexist.
Through the clutch, the movement of the main shaft can be transferred to the output shaft.
Simple implementation of synchronization control.
Cam control is more simple
Cam data can easily create a variety of patterns.
Can be simple to achieve the gear, shaft, transmission, cam and other mechanical mechanisms to replace the software synchronization control.
It is not subject to the limitation of the concept of the electronic cam control so far, and can use the cam with high degree of freedom L02CPU-P.
The stroke, speed, acceleration and beat can be confirmed on the graph, and the setting is carried out at the same timee L02CPU-P.
Can also be through the cam data thumbnail display, easy to confirm the cam data has been created.
Can import and export the cam data in CSV format.

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