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MITSUBISHI L02SCPU-P Manual And Instructions
L02SCPU-P datasheetPDF datasheet
L02SCPU-P Common InstructionsProgramming Manual
L02SCPU-P Special InstructionsProgramming Manual
L02SCPU-P Application FunctionsProgramming Manual
L02SCPU-P Common InstructionsProgramming Manual
L02SCPU-P Structured Text(ST)PROGRAMMING Guide Book
L02SCPU-P Structured TextProgramming Manual
L02SCPU-P MELSAP-LProgramming Manual
L02SCPU-P Structured TextProgramming Guide
L02SCPU-P PID Control InstructionsProgramming Manual
L02SCPU-P Special InstructionsProgramming Manual
L02SCPU-P Common InstructionsProgramming Manual
L02SCPU-P Application FunctionsProgramming Manual
L02SCPU-P ApplicationUser's Manual
L02SCPU-P Structured TextProgramming Manual

MITSUBISHI L02SCPU-P Product information and technical parameters:
Name: cpu module
Model: L02SCPU-P
"Universal output function: source type.
Program capacity: 20K step.
Basic operations processing speed: 60ns.
Communication interface: USB/RS-232.
Control mode: stored procedure repeated operation.
Input / output points: 1024 points.
End cap.
Unable to install display module (L6DSPU-C-CM), RS-232 adapter, RS-422/485 adapter.
CPU built-in functions can be easily set through programming tools.
The built-in I/O function settings can be easily carried out through the parameters of the programming tool.
5 s units can be used for high precision workpiece measurement in pulse measurement mode,
Can be used with a minimum of 5 s units of the input signal of the ON/OFF time (the shortest 200 s) for high precision measurement.
For example, after measuring the ON time of the sensor input,
The "moving speed" and "length" of the workpiece can be accurately calculated ".
High precision PWM control of the highest 200kHz.
In the PWM output mode, by setting the ON time and cycle time,
The duty cycle can be changed, and the minimum cycle time is 5 s.
In addition to lighting dimming control, simple motor control and heater control,
Can also be used to require high resolution detection equipment, such as a wide range of oscillators. "

Differential output.
Axis of control: 2.
Maximum output pulse: pulse/s 4M.
Location data: 600 data / axis.
Max link distance: 10m.
Start is also simple.
Digital oscilloscope function.
Data collection and data collection in a simple motion controller that is synchronized with the control period.
Waveform display, you can improve the efficiency of the start MITSUBISHI L02SCPU-P.
The use of steps in accordance with the auxiliary function can be L02SCPU-P
Can be set by different uses of the probe, easy to view the data set.
Can be on the word 16CH, bit 16CH data sampling.
Among them, the word 8CH, bit 8CH data can be displayed in real time.
Monitoring and testing function
Through a wealth of monitoring and testing functions, you can simply start and action check MITSUBISHI L02SCPU-P.
Can only choose the necessary items from the rich monitoring information and monitor the display.
Through the test function, do not have to control procedures can also be implemented to confirm the basic action. Can be isolated from the output of the programmable controller, the a/b/c contact relay, SSR, Tr output.RS-232.
Transmission speed: 230.4kbps.
Communication protocol support function.
Can only be used on the ch1 side.
Device for immediate communication
Communication protocol support function through Works2 GX,
Can easily set the required agreement with the other equipment communication.
In addition, only the communication protocol library is required to select the equipment to be carried out,
Immediate connection.
The creation and editing of communication protocols are simple and easy to implement, even if there is no connection equipment in the communication protocol library,
Can also simply create a corresponding protocol for communication.
The content of the communication protocol that can be created in the list,
Can also be simply edited. Convert connectors to fast connectors.
According to the location of the connection equipment distribution module. Can be isolated to obtain DC24/48/100V, AC100/200V input signal.Slim type non isolated.
Input power: DC24V.
Output: DC5V, 5A.
Power supply module can be directly pasted on the printed circuit board of the power supply,
The device is characterized in that a special integrated circuit (ASIC), a digital signal processor (DSP), a microprocessor, a memory, a field programmable gate array (FPGA), and other digital or analog loads are provided.
In general, this type of modulle is called the load point (POL) power supply system or the use of point power supply system (PUPS) L02SCPU-P.
Because of the advantages of the modular structure,
The module power supply is widely used in switching devices, access devices, mobile ccommunications, microwave communications and optical transmission, routers and other communication fields and automotive electronics, aerospace, etc L02SCPU-P. . "

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