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MITSUBISHI L02CPU-P Function Explanation, Program Fundamentals Manual L02CPU-P User's Manual

Product model: L02CPU-P
Name: CPU Module
Sort: User's Manual (Function Explanation, Program Fundamentals)
File language: English
File size: 14.91MB
Input and output (DC/ differential).
Input points: 12 points (DC5V/DC24V/ differential universal).
Pulse input speed: the highest pulse/s 8M (2MHz).
Output points: 8 points (DC5V ~ DC24V) 6 points (differential).
Pulse output speed: the highest pulse/s 8M (2MHz).
High speed and stable input / output response
The high speed response can be achieved without the CPU module''s operation and bus performance,
Stable input and output response through hardware processing Program Fundamentals Manual L02CPU-P User's Manual L02CPU-P
LD40PD01 is equipped with an external input and output interface and FPGA,
Therefore, high speed control can be realized without the influence of the scanning time of the CPU module and the bus performance (the input and output response time of the s instruction is realized) Program Fundamentals Manual L02CPU-P User's Manual.
Can achieve stable input and output response (processing time of the deviation of the ns level).
Through the intuitive tools for FPGA settings.
In the FPGA design process can be omitted in the past must be designed to deal with (HDL description, logic synthesis and time verification),
Reduce working hours. After receiving the product can be used immediately to verify the use of special tools, can significantly shorten the design time Program Fundamentals Manual L02CPU-P User's Manual. Control axis: maximum 4 axes.
Operation cycle: 0.88ms.
Interpolation function: linear interpolation (maximum 4 axis), 2 axis arc interpolation.
Color signal: 4 points.
Color detecting set: 4 set.
Only need to use the PLC program can easily achieve synchronous control, cam control, speed and torque (push pressure control) and other advanced motion control.
Equipped with standard synchronous encoder and color detection function necessary function.
Can be no procedures for setting. Strong support for MELSOFT.
Can fully apply LD77MH of the old program.
Let motion control more simple. Thermocouple input.
Number of input channels: 4ch.
Detection function of broken wire with heater.
Standard control.
Heating and cooling control.
Self tuning function.
Peak current suppression.
Heating function at the same time.
Sampling period switching function.
Temperature input mode.
Temperature regulation mode.
To reduce operating costs by saving energy
Peak current suppression
After the peak current suppression function is used, the number of the upper limit output limit of each channel can be changed automatically,
Split transistor output time. To suppress the peak current.
Restrain the peak current to achieve energy saving effect (reducing the power supply capacity of the equipment, saving the electricity contract), and reduce the operation cost.
Achieve average temperature control
Warming function at the same time
By making the arrival time of the multi loop consistent, uniform temperature control function.
It can control temperature uniform, to ensure that the control object no local burning or thermal expansion.
No idle running, with energy saving effect, can reduce operating costs.
To achieve high stability temperature control
Standard control / heating, cooling control.
The device used for thhe temperature control of the temperature control of the extrusion molding machine can prevent over heating and cooling L02CPU-P Function Explanation.
According to the object device can choose any one of the following control method.
Standard controol (heating or cooling) L02CPU-P Function Explanation.
Heating, cooling control (heating and cooling).
Hybrid control (combination of standard control and heating, cooling control).
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