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L06CPU-P | MITSUBISHI cpu module L06CPU-P

MITSUBISHI L06CPU-P Manual And Instructions
L06CPU-P datasheetPDF datasheet
L06CPU-P Common InstructionsProgramming Manual
L06CPU-P Special InstructionsProgramming Manual
L06CPU-P Application FunctionsProgramming Manual
L06CPU-P Common InstructionsProgramming Manual
L06CPU-P Structured Text(ST)PROGRAMMING Guide Book
L06CPU-P Structured TextProgramming Manual
L06CPU-P MELSAP-LProgramming Manual
L06CPU-P Structured TextProgramming Guide
L06CPU-P PID Control InstructionsProgramming Manual
L06CPU-P Special InstructionsProgramming Manual
L06CPU-P Common InstructionsProgramming Manual
L06CPU-P Application FunctionsProgramming Manual
L06CPU-P ApplicationUser's Manual
L06CPU-P Structured TextProgramming Manual

MITSUBISHI L06CPU-P Product information and technical parameters:
Name: cpu module
Model: L06CPU-P
"Universal output function: source type.
Program capacity: 60K step.
Basic operations processing speed: 9.5ns.
Communication interface: USB/Ethernet.
Control mode: stored procedure repeated operation.
Input / output points: 4096 points.
End cap.
CPU built-in functions can be easily set through programming tools.
The built-in I/O function settings can be easily carried out through the parameters of the programming tool.
5 s units can be used for high precision workpiece measurement in pulse measurement mode,
Can be used with a minimum of 5 s units of the input signal of the ON/OFF time (the shortest 200 s) for high precision measurement.
For example, after measuring the ON time of the sensor input,
The "moving speed" and "length" of the workpiece can be accurately calculated ".
High precision PWM control of the highest 200kHz.
In the PWM output mode, by setting the ON time and cycle time,
The duty cycle can be changed, and the minimum cycle time is 5 s.
In addition to lighting dimming control, simple motor control and heater control,
Can also be used to require high resolution detection equipment, such as a wide range of oscillators. "

Transmission speed: 100Mbps/10Mbps.
MELSOFT connection.
SLMP cross letter (MC protocol).
Communication protocol support function.
E-mail function.
Web function.
Collect / change CPU module data from the other side of the device.
SLMP (MC protocol) communication
SLMP is a protocol that uses Ethernet to access SLMP devices from the other device MITSUBISHI L06CPU-P.
If it is possible to follow the SLMP control procedures to send and receive messages to the device,
The communication can be carried out by SLMP L06CPU-P MC can also support the previous agreement.
MELSOFT connection
Can be connected with the programming tool Works2 GX and other MELSOFT products.
In addition, through the use of communication tools to support the sale of (MX Component),
Regardless of the details of the protocol (how to send and receive procedures),
Can create a communication program on the upper side of the system MITSUBISHI L06CPU-P.
It can easily connect to BACnet and MODBUS /TCP
Communication protocol support function
Through the Works2 GX communication protocol support function, can easily set the communication with the other equipment required for the agreement MITSUBISHI L06CPU-P. Can be isolated from the output of the programmable controller, the a/b/c contact relay, SSR, Tr output.Output points: 64 points.
Output type: leakage type.
Rated output voltage: DC12 ~ 24V.
Max load current: 0.1A/1 point.
Protection function: have.
Common way: 32 point / public end.
Input / output occupied points: 64 points (I/O distribution: output 64 points).
External wiring connection: 40 pin connector two.
The switch input and output module is a device which can collect the input / output of the switch signal,
Digital I/O modules are often called.
The switch signal is collected to the computer or the computer to send the relevant instructions through the RS-485 bus to control the switch of the switch,
Can also be carried out through the RS-485 bus communication,
Remote control switch.
Communication protocol is a standard Modbus protocol or custom protocol. CC-Link master / local station.
Transmission speed: 10Mbps.
Remote input / output: 8192 points.
Remote register: 2048 words.
Link points in Ver.2.0 CC-Link master station.
Using CC-Link to connect with multiple devices.
Rich device using open network CC-Link,
System can be constructed according to the control requirements.
Support Ver.2.0 CC-Link,
So it can be effectively used in the fielld of large capacity data communication L06CPU-P.
No need to set the transmission speed of the local station
Automatic tracking function of transmission speed
When used as a local station, the transmission speed of the master station can be automatiically tracked,
Do not need to set up in the local station L06CPU-P.
The transmission speed of the operation can be confirmed by the positive LED of the module.

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